Call for Speakers

Who are we looking for?

You might be …

  • an analyst, engineer, data manager, or another technical role
  • a manager who’s worked with technical teams
  • a business or sales-focused person who’s worked with technology
  • a product manager
  • a researcher

This is going to be a particularly great conference for first-time speakers. We’ll favor first-time speakers for lightning talks, and you’ll be in a supportive space. This is a great thing to put on your resume!

Themes and topics

We’re looking for people who have done cool projects or solved interesting problems in the last year to give short lightning talks (5-7 min explanations) of what they built and how they built it. You might want to talk about a new tool you’re developing, a problem that you solved, a cool script you wrote, or a report that you built. Past lightning talks have included:

  • How to Get Started Learning How to Code
  • Using Geocodes to Match Precincts
  • Staging Location Buddies: A Packet Redeployment Tool
  • Data Salary Survey Results
  • Innovative Testing on a Campaign Microsite

We’re also looking for people who are more advanced in their careers to serve as “experts” for one-on-one meetings on topics such as resume reviews, interviewing, salary negotiations, and more.

We’re also looking for folks to serve on panels on the following topics:

  • Managing Up, Down, and Sideways
  • Self-Care
  • Best practices for learning technical skills on your own or on the job
  • Things Managers do other than manage: Hiring, Firing, and Negotiating
  • Career Planning: how to transition into new roles and how to know when to transition
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Please note: While we would love to accommodate everyone, we may not have time for everyone to be on the agenda!

Any questions?

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